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The slippery slope of too much online media – I’ve got stuff to do in real life, but the allure of yet one more excellent looking social media tool, namely WordPress has me experimenting with it. This is one of those experiments. I have not yet found the right “fit” for putting my thoughts onto the electronic page as I continue this adventure into the world of furry and fursuiting. It’s something that I try to balance with regular life, as in trying to stay happily married to a decidedly non-furry wife who is also uncomfortable with all the attention, and my three relatively well-adjusted kids who put up with the antics of their silly dad….

I’ve gotten in a few ‘requests’ recently from some of the event organizers in my area for Tycho Aussie: So something that I recently created is a full-color trifold brochure about the art of fursuiting. I’ve handed out a few of them and thus far, they seem to be well received! It was created to answer the question I sometimes run into where people get confused as to which ‘company’ I represent as a mascot. I could tell them that I’m on my own, but in several cases that leaves people just feeling confused or even worse… So now, I have a little pamphlet that explains the hobby of ‘freelance mascotting’ in fursuit. I think it will help to put unsure people (especially event organizers) at ease, and help preserve, and perhaps even open up future fursuiting venues.


About tychoaussie

Freelance Mascot for greater lansing area charities, fundraisers, festivals, and events.
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